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Precision Driving School LLC., is certified and licensed through Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Driver Education Program Department. We are located in Northwest Baltimore County, in the Woodlawn Village Community., 2105 1/2 Gwynn Oak Ave., Suite #2., Gwynn Oak, MD . We offer several Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Driver Education Programs (see below), as well other additional  services. 

The founder and president, is a Certified Driver Education Instructor with 0+ years of driving experience. Additionally, she  has 25+ years of teaching experience as a Community Health Educator, with Baltimore City Health Department. She  taught at local community colleges and university. Her teaching experience and style, provides her with the skills to teach student's at their learning level. 

Mission  & Vision Statements


Provide students with the laws of driving, and skills to safely drive on Roadways / Highways, Expressways and Interstates.


To prepare every eligible unlicensed driver, with the knowledge and skills to obtain a Maryland Drivers License. 

*Precision Driving  School, LLC., is listed in Baltimore City, Department of Human Service data system as a provider for Maryland Driver Education Program.   

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Driving Program Services Offered

  • Maryland Driver Education Program - 36 Hours
  • Three Hours Alcohol And Drug Education Program
  • Vehicle Rental - MVA Hilltop: $60 / MVA Glenn Burnie: $125
  • Private Driving Lessons
  • MVA Required Driving Practice Hours: 60 hrs. and/or 14 hrs.

Real Testimonials (from Facebook Page)

  • Student:
    • Mrs. Sharon is more than fair. She is very nice and extremely informative. I really enjoyed my two week class to the point where it didn't feel like the two weeks had passed so quickly.
  • Parent of student:
    • Sitting with Ms. Sharon at Precision driving school while Christian is learning everything he needs to know to be a good driver. I am learning so many new things and I’ve been driving for years.
  • Student:
    • This school is the best, the teacher is great she cool, funny. Learned from the best
  • Student:
    • Ms. Sharon is nice but also is tough on the road. she taught me a lot and was very helpful with me getting my Licence as well.
  • Student:
    • Precision driving school is excellent reasonable price and Ms. Sharon is to cool.


  • Q: Do I have to do the entire 10 days, or can I do every other week?
    • A: Yes, you must complete the 10 days for 3 hrs., this totals the required 30 hrs. of classroom knowledge.
  • Q: Can all six (6) hrs., of Behind the Wheel Lessons be completed in one day?
    • A: Well, not for a straight 6 hrs.  You may break them down in hours, and of course depending on the driving instructors availability.  Please remember, this is not a policy of the driving school, therefore, please do not expect the request to be filled.  Never hurts to ask.  You will get either a yes or no. 

Menu / Price List

Must schedule One (1) month to two (2) weeks in advance. Payment in full during time of scheduling - No Deposits, nor Refund

Upcoming Sessions

Driver Education Sessions: 5 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.


01/14/19 - 01/25/19

01/28/19 - 02/08/19


02/04/19 - 02/15/19

02/18/19 - 03/01/19 

*$100 Deposit Due 01/03/2019*

*Class dates are subject to change*

Weekend Classes: 9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.


01/12/19 - 02/10/19

*$100 Deposit Due 01/04/2019*

Three Hours Alcohol & Drug Program : 

Send an email


Full or $100 (excluding $180 plan, full amount required) deposit due four (4) weeks prior to the first day of class.

Update Yourself with New Driving Laws

MVA New & Updated Law's

  • Yellow School Bus Law: Reminder, all 50 U.S. State's Law require all motorized vehicle driver's MUST:
    • 1). Prepare to slow down when "Yellow flashing light's" appear and,
    • 2). STOP 20 ft. in front and rear of bus when "Red" flashing lights and "STOP SIGNS" are extended on school busses, especially roads without dividers, such as medians. Roads with medians, driver's do not have to stop; the same rule applies to "emergency vehicle's"  .

  • Effective 10/01/2018: Chapter 505 (SB 0424) Driver's Licenses - Learner's Permits - Minimum Duration
    • Individuals who are 18 years old and have a high school diploma, or indidviduals who are 19 years of age to 24 years of ge. This group of learner's permits holders are required to hold a lerner's permit for 3 months, or 9 months after their most recent conviction or PBJ for a moving violations.

  • Effective 10/01/2018:  Chpt., 544 (HB 0531) & Chpt., 545 (SB 0445) Motor Vehicles - Operation When Approaching Vehicle  With Visual Signals 

  • Effective 10/15/2018: Vehicles blocking an intersection will get you a $125.00 citation. If there is not enough room across the road, turning the corner, do not move into the intersection and  block the right of way of other vehicles.


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All classes are by registration Only. Email (website) for enrollment packet. Electronic invoice will be emailed when paying with credit cards ($5 service processing fee).